Brian Chambers Photography | How to buy a custom print

Three easy steps to receive a custom photography print


1.  Chose the image you want to purchase.  If you want a 8x12 photo print or smaller you can just purchase it on the website and have it mailed directly to you.  If you want a larger print or you want a different finish then go to step 2.


2.  Choose the type of print you want-  

     a.  You can get a photo paper print in a glossy or lustre finish.  

     b.  Metal prints are my most popular.  They have fantastic detail, and vibrancy.  They can be cleaned and are long lasting prints.  They come with a float mount so they float an inch off the wall and are ready to hang.  As with all works of art they will last longer if out of direct sunlight and they can be damaged or bent if they are dropped.   They are very glossy and so will reflect lights in the background.  If you have seen my work around town most of the prints are this type.

     c.   Canvas prints are slightly cheaper.  They also work better in areas of bright lights as they don't reflect light as much as the metal or acrylic.  They are a bit less durable and are not easy to clean.  They come with a internal wooden frame and a small metal hanger. 

     d.  Acrylic prints-  More expensive but unmatched detail, vibrancy, and color.   They give a three dimensional look to the image.  They are super durable and can be cleaned.  Like the metal they are also very glossy and so they do best with directional lighting.  They come with a floating style hanger. 


3.  Choose the size-  Most of the prints on my website can be printed large (easily up to 30x40) but there are a few exceptions. Once I know what image and what size I can let you know if there are any issues.  I want you to be completely happy with your purchase.  Pay attention to the shape of the image and choose the appropriate size.  For example a panorama that is very long and not tall will print well on a 12x36 size but not on a 12x12.  The cost of the various sizes can be found on my price list page.  Custom sizes are available so let me know what you would like if you don't see it listed. 


E-mail me using the contact link above or directly at with the image you want, the finish you want and the size.  Also let me know if you will be picking up in Hood River or if you would like it mailed to you.  I will get back to you to let you know if there are any issues and how much shipping is.  I can take cash, checks, credit cards or Pay pal.  Let me know if you have any questions.